I remember our first family computer as a mauve, clunky, fascinating piece of machinery with a pixilated Windows logo on the screen. And on the other side of that screen was a world of opportunity limited only by imagination. My father would show me this world, a world he learned the language of by teachingContinue reading “Type”

Class of 2020

When I graduated from high school, my mother, father, and middle school aged brother and sister sat in the bleachers and cheered. They got pictures, clapped when the principal announced my name, and hugged me after the ceremony was over. When my brother graduated from high school, I travelled from 1,500 miles away to sitContinue reading “Class of 2020”

She, We, Her, Me

She lit the entire room like a sun with all its warmth, and the same gravitational pull. She brought the rain, the wind, the life to my world. All it took were a few words. “I’m writing, too.” Before I knew it, the characters we had in our heads were playing together. We made newContinue reading “She, We, Her, Me”

Test Cat

In 2011, Osama Bin Laden was killed, HBO debuted “Game of Thrones,” Japan was hit with a massive tsunami, Meryl Streep won an Oscar, and the world population reached 7 billion. It was also the year I graduated high school and got my first job as a sales representative for Cutco Cutlery, a subdivision ofContinue reading “Test Cat”

Road Trip

Headlights paint the strip of road stretching endlessly before and behind the red chevy. I pull my hand across my heavy eyes. Don’t look at the clock. It’s not been as long as you think. A pained glance at the digital dashboard. 3:42 am. 1,000 miles from home. 500 to get home. My travelling companions slumber inContinue reading “Road Trip”


The Xbox controller sits comfortably in my hands. I am snuggled into the corner of the couch where the armrest meets the backrest of our new-pre-owned couch, blue with small white dots that doesn’t smell like us quite yet, legs mostly tucked under me. I’ve got my glass of ice water and my girlfriend hasContinue reading “Reignited”