Elizabeth Kaye Daugherty

Welcome to my writing website and portfolio!

Elizabeth Kaye Daugherty, or EKD for short, is a writer of fantasy for all ages who loves a good story, cats, and dragons. She is an INFJ Aquarius, the oldest child of three, and her favorite animal is a whale shark.

She was born in Pensacola, Florida, and lived there during her childhood and in Crestview, Florida, during her adolescence and early adulthood.

She moved to Brookings, South Dakota, in search of work and a fresh start with her cat named Shark. While living and working there, she began her studies of Creative Writing through Full Sail University’s online program, and attained her BFA in Creative Writing in August 2020.

From there, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to work as a QA game tester for Activision and officially merged into the field of making video games.

Though she has always loved to write fiction and fantasy, she found a love of creative nonfiction during her studies and dabbles with the art in blog form. She also regularly uploads more polished short fiction and non-fiction on Vocal.

Her primary focus is still creative fiction, currently in the first draft stage of her first novel to submit for publishing, with a focus on fantasy for young adults and new adults with diverse characters and powerful core messages. She plans to start a YouTube/Twitch channel and offer vocal talent work in the future.

She was a founding member of the South Dakota Writes community, a non-profit organization. You can learn more about themĀ here.

Shark and EKD thank you for visiting!