Archived Anticipation

Episodic audio stories, podcasts, are a relatively novel storytelling medium directly a product of the streaming culture of the late 2010s and beyond. Yet oral storytelling is not new and is where all other storytelling comes from. From the first time a neanderthal communicated something they had learned or experienced, humans have translated stories through the voice.

The Magnus Archives is a podcast produced by the Rusty Quill studio, an upstart individual production company based in the UK working with Acast, and it is their most successful title. It is a horror story centering around a fictitious institution in London that catalogs and researches paranormal reports throughout England. It debuted in 2016 and has since gone on to be nominated for Best Arts Podcast from The People’s Choice Podcast Awards, and winning 5 Audio Verse Awards (Writing of an Audio Play Production, Vocal Direction of a Production, Performance of a Supporting Role in an Audio Play Production, Performance of a Leading Role in an Audio Play Production, Audio Play Production), and winner of the Best Audio Drama or Fiction Podcast from the 2019 Discover Pods Awards.

Without giving away spoilers for those who haven’t heard of it, or who are behind on their listening, or who have yet to start, I’ll share my impressions and experience thus far.

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