I am a hard working, creative problem solver and fast learner. I started in elementary school helping my mother who volunteered as a teacher’s aide. I have worked in all front of house restaurant positions and received employee of the month commendations, and have worked in many back of house positions as well. I learned how to lead and work within a team and before ultimately deciding to commit to going to school for writing, worked to set myself up for a career in restaurant management in the Cracker Barrel chain. This company also taught me to treat all customers as guests and to oppose discrimination, which I have carried into many aspects of my life and work.


I chose to attend Full Sail University because a friend told me that they taught all kinds of writing, not just traditional literature writing. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and had written my first story when I was in first grade about the Easter Bunny. Full Sail provided the chance to learn from industry professionals who had already succeeded in doing some of the things I wanted to do, and their advice was invaluable. They harbored my love of writing and encouraged me to let it grow and showed me how to make it stronger. I found a love of creative non-fiction writing, which branched into many new interests within the medium of literature. Where writing and publishing once seemed like a one in a million chance, it now seemed possible to write and do anything I wanted as long as I put in the effort. Graduating in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic did make getting a job immediately after graduation difficult, but I never lost the drive.


I have done quality assurance and control for physical products in plastics, medical devices from 3M, and performed functionality testing for video game software including triple-A titles through Activision Publishing. I have been a machine operator, team leader, and new employee trainer. I have dedicated time and effort to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives in many spheres, especially as a leader in the Indigenous Peoples employee network with Activision Publishing and am passionate about diversity and inclusion. I connected with fantastic leaders and communicators who shared this spirit and they taught me much about how ERGs work and their power to build impactful communities within the workplace.


I volunteer with writing groups in the midwest area. I was a founding member of the South Dakota Writes non-profit organization, which you can learn more about here. I also regularly give time to the local 826 chapter. The 826 organization is a nationwide initiative to provide creative writing support and publication opportunities for children in grades K-12. Primarily, this involves teaching basic storytelling lessons to elementary age children and providing guidance and support to teenage students who need extra help studying. Collaborating with other volunteers and managing schedules, as well as working with the management to complete projects is also essential.

For a complete and detailed work history, please refer to my LinkedIn.

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