Soul Sisters

Gods are real. All of them. So are the demons that oppose them, and the spirits that serve them. Once humanity learned that their rituals could grant them access to the plane of existence where the spirits and gods exist, everything changed.

And change brings out a lot of questions, weirdos, and the self-righteous.

Like Sabima and Crystal. Sabima is a powerful psychic who has worked for years to master and harness her power, which comes from a close spiritual link to the spirit realm. Because she is so emotionally connected to this place outside of her own physical plane, she accepts all deities as being real and valid.

Many witches study for most of their lifetime to develop a magic Brand. Crystal was born with one. A rare type of witch bestowed with great power—from the gods, from the devil, or from genetics, she doesn’t know. What’s more, she’s not so sure that she wants to know.

The pilot episode, Derivative Demon, follows this stoic psychic and quirky witch as they struggle against pressure from their superiors to solve a brutal murder.

Read the current version of Derivative Demon now!

To get some information about the project I’m in the process of starting, please check out this website!

An animated web series I hope to write and lead production of, also potentially lend my voice acting to.

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