Short Fiction

Flash Fiction

The cover of Fiction With Friction by Elizabeth Kaye Daugherty. A white background with red smoke in the upper left corner.

Fiction with Friction

Fiction with Friction is a collection of flash fiction stories featuring unexpected conflict and diverse characters.

It contains a sci-fi drama with western flair, “Abduction,” two fantasies, “Little Witch” and “The Potionier,” and a comedy, “Fluffy.”

This is the first collection from EKD, available for free.

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After reading Andre Dubus’ short story, “Killings,” I’ve written a flash fiction piece from the perspective of the story’s villain.

Short Stories

Stories with Spark

Stories with Spark is a collection of three short stories to spark the imagination.

It features a young adult drama, “The Climb,” a romance, “The Bakery,” and a horror and suspense piece, “Attachments.”

This is the second collection of stories written in college from Elizabeth Kaye Daugherty.

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