Hits The Spot

In a place where most people have little gifts that help them through the day, Sarah Tonin and her employee Justin Case run a coffee shop that helps people get through their day with just a bit of magic, but when Sarah meets Robin Zegg, she must help herself for once.


Homunculus is a drama about a dedicated researcher and his trusting ward who, after finding a mysterious treasure, wants to unlock an ancient temple’s secret. But when the temple’s magic takes hold, the student must decide between saving his tutor and escaping which seems impossible because the magic of the temple is standing in his way.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spec Script

The Phantom of the Gay Bar

Pride week in Brooklyn is full of action for the Ninety-Ninth precinct! When a mysterious threat is left at a local gay bar that puts a celebrity drag queen in danger, Jake must choose between working with Terry or Rosa to put a bigot behind bars. At the same time, Charles promises followers of his food blog pictures of the best treats and drinks offered all over town, but struggles to keep up when his schedule is compromised. Meanwhile, Hitchcock and Scully wind up accidentally taking advantage of a Wing Slutz special when they are mistaken for a romantic couple, and they struggle to deal with the fallout.

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