A video game can be so much more than something to pass the time: it can be a gripping emotional experience, a heart-pounding adventure, immersive, beautiful, and the medium allows the players to be part of it instead of an abject observer or consumer. The future of narrative storytelling is in the interactive space.


Elizabeth has worked in Activision since September of 2021. Due to her NDA, she can not elaborate on the titles worked on. Her primary duties include testing functionality, balance, stability, performance, interface, art, sound, text, documentation, and following instructions from leadership and management.

Elder Scrolls “Spec” Quest and Short Story

All properties are registered to Bethesda and ZeniMax and the story is a work of fan-made fiction not associated with any official current or unreleased projects.

The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen by ekdwriter

You found the Faerie Queen, what will you do with the gift she offers you?

The King’s Grand Ball

The King’s Grand Ball by ekdwriter

You’ve been invited to the King’s Grand Ball, the most anticipated event of the year! All you’re missing is a date.

The Forest

The Forest is a game concept created during my study at Full Sail University. It is a fantasy game with survival elements.


Nightfall is a fantasy action game made by Austin Bunker with Elizabeth Daugherty credited as a writer.

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